Close the Parent Gap (CPG) Basics

 (Next course starts October 1, 2017 and runs for six weeks)

  • When you get really honest with yourself, does the climate in your home feel more like everyone is walking on eggshells rather than the image you put out on social media?
  • Are you sick of feeling like you have to yell to get your kids to listen and cooperate?
  • Are you ready to replace the constant negotiations and power struggles with memory making giggles and smiles?
  • This transformation does not need to take months or years - you are ready and you want it NOW!
  • You are amazing and you just need a few new tools and concepts to bring out the parent YOU always swore you would be.  
  • The parent you are in your heart. 
Close the Parent Gap BASICS.png

Close the Parent Gap (CPG) Basics is a 6-week parenting foundations course that will teach you how to parent your children with your calm conscious mind rather than the subconscious programs leftover from your own childhood.  Negative subconscious patterns, (like yelling, threatening and shaming), we SWORE we would never repeat, frequently show up in our current families.  Learning the foundational concepts and tools in Close the Parent Gap will set you and your family on a path toward having the family you have always wanted for yourself and your children while changing unhealthy patterns leftover from the past.

This course will allow you to retire old parenting methods involving fear, threats and yelling - replacing them with loving, assertive communication techniques to gain cooperation and respect from your kids.  

Becoming a conscious parent invites connected positive relationships into your life where each family member feels seen, valued and whole.

You will learn tools, strategies and scripts to support you in:

  • Ending bedtime battles
  • Managing meltdowns
  • Ending power struggles
  • Gaining cooperation without yelling
  • Raising kind, connected and respectful people
  • Creating your fantasy family that you envisioned when you became a parent

Details of the program:

Length: 6 Lessons done in 6 weeks

Lots of flexibility and options to learn:  

  • A fancy online learning site.  You can login from anywhere and access the learning materials on your own schedule
  • Audio trainings so you can learn on the go delivered in typical "Randi" style - short and sweet and NEVER vanilla or boring
  • FOREVER access to the materials including teaching audios and cheat sheets - available nowhere else
  • The virtual trainings and cheat sheets can be downloaded and you will have them forever
  • Weekly parenting power hour calls.  Come to the call with all your questions and personal challenges you would like help problem solving 
  • Come to the call or listen and learn on your own schedule. The calls will be recorded. If you can't make it, you can listen later.
  • LIVE retreat at the end of the course. Location address: 6900 Rice Ave, Houston, TX 77401

What you will learn each week:

  • Week 1: The Parenting Evolution
    • Audio Training describing conscious parenting,
    • The 4 basic temperaments of your child
  • Week 2: How Are You Behaving? Model the behavior your are seeking.
    • Audio training on typical childhood development
    • Why kids lie, why "don't" is a meaningless word
    • Technology guidelines and an action plan
  • Week 3: Raising Kiddos with Intrinsic Motivation
    • How to teach your child perspective talking,
    • Bedtime routines
    • Resisting the urge to fix
    • Discussing basic needs with sleep and nutrition
  • Week 4: Leadership language
    • The best way for any human to calm down
    • How to be in charge of the drama
    • Audio training for modeling the behavior you want your kids to have
    • Triggers Think Sheet
  • Week 5: Development of Your Child
    • Audio training to become the CEO of your family
    • How to delegate
    • How to focus on what you want your family to be
    • Discussion on shame/blame
  • Week 6: Actionable Guides & Resources to Refer Back to in the Future
    • Future action plan audio training, nutrition cheat sheets
    • Technology survival plan
    • Calming down when triggered plan
    • Assertive Communication Tools cheat sheet
    • Bedtime routine checklist to head off battles
  • PLUS, a 1-day intensive at the end of the course
    • Saturday, November 18, 9:30am - 3:30pm
  • Bonus Feature...and maybe the best feature of all... 
    • One of a kind private Facebook group with private daily coaching, videos and Q&A with Randi
    • As a community of parents, we learn from each other's questions
    • The private Facebook group is the most popular user friendly feature of the program
    • Turn your daily Facebook "habit" into a supportive tool to improve your family!


Next course date: Starts 10/1 and ends 11/10; LIVE event in Houston on 11/18

Program investment: $997 with complimentary spouse registration.

Hi. I was thinking last night about the timing of all of this. When I started with you, what my focus was on, and how incredibly grateful I am to feel like I am connected with my kiddos right now. Seriously I know that sounds cheesy, but it's so true. After that first week when I wasn't sure I wanted to move forward because the way things had changed felt 'that good,' it was all true at the time. But it wasn't sustainable unless I kept going and going deeper. So glad we did and so glad you pushed me when I needed it. I don't measure success with the kids by the moments of meltdowns and "brother"-hits-"brother" scenarios, because I have realized those things are going to happen. Probably daily. But it's the space in between that counts. Feeling connected and seeing them thriving and happy and secure and sometimes even loving toward one another. It's so precious. So I just wanted to stop a second and say thanks for that. And you can use this as a testimonial if you want (without my name) :) "


If you're not 100% satisfied I don't expect...or keep your money. Simply notify me within 30 days and I'll give you your money back, no questions asked.