The Parent Gap shows parents how to change the patterns they intended to bury from their own childhood.  The process allows you to close the gap between the parent you currently are and the parent you always swore to yourself you’d be…the one that would never yell, threaten or insult the people you love most. The Parent Gap, will support you in creating the family you crave. You will learn:

•   REAL tools to help you keep cool when your kids are pushing your buttons and things get heated from a REAL mama in the trenches like you

•   Closing The Parent Gap allows you to respond calmly rather than reacting aggressively towards the people you love to the moon and back

•   You don’t have to be a doctor or a scientist to retrain your brain and replace old patterns that never felt good for you as a kid

•   The Parent Gap is a brain retraining resource that empowers real life moms developed by a real life mom

•   Perfection sabotages connection

Everyone wants happiness and success for their children. Using personal and client stories and practical depictions, The Parent Gap combines the teachings of Dr. Becky Bailey, Brené Brown, and Martha Beck among many other mentors to support parents as they work to change their daily patterns.

Inspiration and tools abound within these pages to support you in closing The Parent Gap and creating the fun, loving, connected experience you want for yourself and your people.


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