Close the Parent Gap (CPG) Mastermind

Close the Parent Gap MASTERMIND.png

A Six-Month Mastermind for Moms


In CPG Basics, you will see a transformation in your kids and clearing the chaos from your home in six short weeks. Say goodbye to walking on eggshells and hello to hugs and happiness. 

In Close the Parent Gap (CPG) Mastermind, you make those changes stick for a lifetime. 

Over the course of the six-month CPG Mastermind course, new daily habits will be cultivated so that you can actually implement the tools and train your brain to be the parent you always swore you would be and have the family experience you crave. 

Changing patterns takes a minute, and in CPG Mastermind, I will be there to guide you, raise you up and hold you accountable every step of the way.

That's nature's way and what it takes to create life-changing results.

Within six months, you will learn my parenting recipe, and become a mastermind of your family and your own personal dreams. Its ridiculously logical. It will give you the family you've always wanted and will transform your life. 

My commitment and guarantee: you can cancel at any time if you feel grown and ready to fly. The CPG Mastermind program is what we've created from the demand from those who graduated from CPG Basics.  It’s a cultivation of a decade of teaching, 20 years of research, being in the trenches as a mom of three, and being the creator of this new life-changing way of parenting.

The question I get the most is: does the CPG Basics course stand alone? The answer? Absolutely….

CPG Mastermind, simply put, is the mind-blowing bonus that ensures your lifetime results. 

Process of Mastermind (Jan 1  - July 1, 2018)

  • Care package delivered monthly to your doorstep for daily practice, accountability and GIFTS of course
  • Online learning site with easy access from all of your devices for convenient learning on-the-go
  • Weekly coaching and teaching with Randi including tons of opportunities to be coached. 
  • Daily questions answered
  • Live parenting power hour workshops for those that desire real face to face engagement
  • Community - real talk, deep friendships, being surrounded by likeminded amazing badass women like YOURSELF
  • Intimate group 
  • Private access to Randi to get guidance on your specific situation
  • Live pop up events and surprises!

Investment: $997/monthly membership or $4997 paid in full

This investment pays back in spades. Don’t take it from me. Hear it from my pack leaders. Results are guaranteed.