Coaching Agreement

I understand that coaching is not psychotherapy, counseling or advice giving.  As a client, I understand and agree that I am fully responsible for my well-being during, after and between my coaching calls.  I am responsible for any and all choices and decisions I make. 

I understand that coaching is a potentially powerful alliance designed to help me achieve specific, identified goals as well as harder-to-quantify experiential states such as satisfaction, peace and joy. Coaching may address personal growth, business successes, business development, leadership development and /or general conditions in my life or profession.  

I understand that coaching services may include values clarification, brainstorming, examining habits and identifying plans of action, the sharing of educational information, inquiry, and asking clarifying questions, and the making of empowering requests. 

As a client of Randi Rubenstein, I recognize that coaching is not a replacement for therapy or other
mental health care.  I am completely responsible for my health and wellbeing during this coaching relationship. 

I understand that my results are highly dependent on MY commitment level where honesty and self-reflection will be a huge part of the process. 

I understand that my coach will keep all information from our sessions confidential, except in cases required by law.  On the occasion that information is shared in other learning environments, I understand the client name and all identifying information will be anonymous. 

I understand that coaching sessions are paid in ADVANCE unless the session is in person. 

I understand that if I miss a session without "reasonable advance notice" (24 hrs. before is preferable), I will be charged for the session. 

I understand that all coaching sessions purchased in a package need to be scheduled within 6 months.