Parenting Coaching Pre-Work

Please submit these responses before our session together.

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SLEEP · What time does each kid go to bed and wake up typically;  · Describe a typical evening routine from just before dinner until lights out and fast asleep;  · Is this working for you or is there anything stressful that you would like help with in this area?
· What does a typical morning look like before school? · Is there stress involved or morning chaos that you would like support in solving?
· If there is some stress in this area - please write where you believe it is currently a problem. · Spell out a typical day when it comes to meals and snacks. · What would you change and feel like a breath of fresh air if I could help you solve when it comes to food and mealtimes?
I want you to journal here and tell me about the worries that keep you up at night…or wake you up at night. Just write with reckless abandon and don’t overthink it (I call this a brain dump and you literally dump the thoughts in your brain out here). 
When you first became a mom and you imagined what life would be like, what was the image in your mind. Literally, spell out the fantasy or the dream. Please let your thoughts free flow here. No detail is trivial and there will be NO judgment whatsoever on my end. Even superficial details have valuable information.  Trust me, every detail stands for way more than what it might look or sound like. I just want you to be totally honest and don’t hold back (if you write that you just want your kids to be happy and healthy, I might fire you:).
Tell me about the things from your own childhood that you DON’T want for your kids. Don’t overthink this…like for me, I grew up South Texas and was often the only Jewish kid in my grade or even in my entire school sometimes. I was always envious that my summer camp friends from bigger cities didn’t have to wait until the summer time to be around other Jewish kids. I knew that it was important to me for my kids to have a different experience. Your turn:
Is there a behavior that your mom or dad did that you find yourself repeating and then feeling guilty about b/c you swore you would be different? What about the the positive patterns you find yourself repeating. Spell out both here: