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When you get really honest with yourself -- 

  • Does the climate in your home feel more like everyone is walking on eggshells rather than the image you put out on social media?

  • Are you sick of feeling like you have to yell to get your kids to listen and cooperate?

  • Are you ready to replace the constant negotiations and power struggles with memory making giggles and smiles?

  • Are you frustrated that you and your husband aren't on the same team when it comes to raising your kids? 


Closing the Parent Gap (CPG) Basics is a parenting foundations course that will teach you how to parent your children with your calm mind rather than the programming leftover from your childhood.  Learning these foundational concepts and tools in Closing the Parent Gap will set you and your family on a path toward having the family you have always wanted, while changing unhealthy patterns leftover from the past.

This course will allow you to retire old parenting methods involving fear, threats and yelling; replacing them with loving, assertive communication techniques to gain cooperation and respect from your kids. 


You will learn tools, strategies and scripts to support you in:

  • Ending bedtime battles

  • Managing meltdowns

  • Ending power struggles

  • Gaining cooperation without yelling

  • Raising kind, connected and respectful people

  • Creating your fantasy family that you envisioned when you became a parent


Give me just 30 days to change the conversation in your home where both parents are on the same team!


Details of the program:

  •        Program kicks off with a 90-minute Private Parenting Workshop catered to your specific needs with a follow-up report of             recommendations and notes. (in person or on Zoom)

  • 24/7 Personalized, PRIVATE ACCESS for high level 1:1 coaching with Randi during the real life moments. (through the Voxer phone app)

  • Private online course with interaction back and forth from Randi.

  • 30 days of daily text messages for bite-size learning on the go. 

  • Audio trainings delivered in typical "Randi" style - short and sweet and NEVER vanilla or boring.

  • FOREVER access to the materials including teaching audios and cheat sheets - available nowhere else.

  • Three Weekly Check In Calls (via Zoom or phone for 30 minutes)

  • Programs ends with an additional 90-minute Private Parenting Workshop as a wrap up to access where you're at, with a plan moving forward, catered specifically to your family's needs.


What you will learn:

Module 1: Welcome to Closing the Parent Gap

  • Directions about how to use the learning site

  • Special Welcome Video from Randi

Module 2: The Parenting Evolution

  • The impact of your words

  • Exercise to rewrite your parenting story

  • The importance of presence not presents

  • The 4 basic temperaments of your child

  • Self-evaluation

  • Technology guidelines and a survival plan

Module 3: Raising Kiddos with Intrinsic Motivation

  • Audio training on Intrinsic Motivation

  • Video discussing rewards and how to handle this

  • How to teach your child perspective talking

  • Why empathy is the secret sauce

  • Sleep specialist workshop

  • Basic needs: sleep & nutrition

  • Bedtime routines

  • Getting to the bottom of bedtime battles

  • Resisting the urge to fix

  • Sample scripts

Module 4: How are you behaving? Model the behavior you seek.

  • Calm parents = calm kids

  • The best way for any human to calm down

  • How to be in charge of the drama

  • Audio training for modeling the behavior you want your kids to have

  • Triggers Think Sheet

  • The Meltdown Manual

  • Anger is always rooted in fear

  • Consequences vs Punishments

  • The Calm Down Spot Workshop

  • The Calm Down Corner Cheat Sheet

  • Calming Down When Triggered Cheat Shet

Module 5: Leadership

  • Audio training to become the CEO of your family

  • Where there's blame, shame is lurking close by

  • How to delegate

  • How to focus on what you want your family to be

  • Family Meetings

  • Family Meeting Handout

  • Self-Evaluation

Module 6: Typical Child Development

  • Audio training on Typical Child Development

  • Know What is Normal

  • Young kids lie

  • Kids under the age of 7 have no inner speech

  • Don't is a meaningless word

  • Kids are meant to be egocentric; it's a primitive survival trait

  • Timers establish clear expectations and help with transitions

Module 7: Sibling Rivalry

  • Siblings Audio Training

  • Siblings that fight often end up very close and connected

  • Sibling Fighting Workshop

  • Dr. Green - The Explosive Child

  • Interview with Susan Stiffelman and Gretchen Rubin

  • Interview with Susan Stiffelman and Laura Markham

  • Interview with Susan Stiffelman and Shelly Lefkoe

Module 8: Actionable Guides & Resources to Refer Back to in the Future

  • Future Action Plan Audio Training

  • Bedtime routing checklist to head off battles

  • Nutrition cheat sheets

  • Technology Survival Plan Cheat Sheet

  • P.E.T. - Present Engaged Time Cheat Sheet

  • Calming Down When Triggered Cheat Sheet

  • Assertive Communication Tools Cheat Sheet

  • Consequences vs Punishments

  • Time Out Alternative - Calm Down Spot Cheat Sheet

  • Timer suggestions and scripts to help with transitions

  • The Meltdown Manual

  • The Meltdown Method

Program investment: $2497 with complimentary spouse registration