Tool of the Day: 

Give kids 2 positive choices. To use 2 positive choices effectively, simply offer something totally benign like, "Would you like the red or green bowl?" You could care less what the child chooses AND your child feels empowered to have a say. This is a proactive tool. 

By offering simple, defined choices throughout the day, you offset your child's need to exert power in the form of a power struggle. The choices must be positive or neutral. A choice like "You can take a bath and get books or if you don't get into the bath, you won't get books," is NOT the tool. This is a threat. 

2 positive choices would be: "Do you want to brush your teeth or take your bath first?" Or "Are you gonna walk forwards or backwards to the bathtub?"

Now, if the child lallygags and stalls getting into the tub he very well might lose books...that's a natural consequence enforced by the sleep routine but it's not offered as a choice. Doing so is manipulative and will cause a power struggle.