Tool of the Day: Look through her glasses.

Why could she possibly be whining? Why won’t she go to sleep? Why won’t she get on her shoes?

  • Notice that you might create a story when your kids are not cooperative. You might think, “They think they run the show. They are spoiled. They think we work for them.”

  • Today, start believing there is a different story.

  • Get curious about that story.

  • Could it be that your child’s lying is because she’s 3 and 3 year old’s create their own reality in their minds. They live in a magical world. She really believes the reality she sees in her head.

  • Do you really need to teach her that lesson about honesty right now? I promise it’s a waste of your breath because she will take none of it in. It’s beyond her stage developmentally.

  • Can you see her perspective, take a deep breath and trust that she will grow up to be forthright and honest if that’s what she sees modeled before her by her parents…because that’s how kids learn - by our example not our advice.