Tool of the day: P.E.T. (Present Engaged Time)

Spend 5-15 minutes with each child each day doing a child led activity. You will be totally unplugged and fully present without an agenda other than being fully present and engaged for a short burst of time.

  • Give 100% of your undivided attention

  • Preferably this is a one-on-one activity, so if you have multiple kiddos, you do this with each kid.

  • Hint: it may look like you guys are doing nothing but hanging out and just chatting affectionately is perfect!

  • Resist the urge to interrogate, lecture, tick things that you worry about off of your to do list; “Who did you sit with at lunch” – which is really code for “Are you the loser kid sitting all alone?”

  • Don’t teach a lesson or anything else that your child will perceive as annoying and agenda seeking.