Closing the Parent Gap (CPG) Mastermind

A 12-Month Parenting Mastermind

Do you have a fiery kiddo that is simply more challenging than his friends and sibs?

It used to feel like everyone walked on eggshells to try and keep the peace.

Things are better now after spending 6 weeks digging in and learning about THE NEW PARENTING CONVERSATION. Thank GOD!

You took the time to learn the tools in CPG Basics. DON'T STOP NOW. You’re just getting started.

We are replacing old habits with ones that feel better for your entire family…especially your little puzzling firecracker. Stay with me and allow the brain retraining to solidify. I can’t wait to have more time with you so I can move in and we can spend a year together making sure your family turns out EXACTLY as you envision.

Dream big because it’s happenin’.  

Oh, and don’t worry, you can pay month to month because I’m cool like that.  Oh, and I’m not really moving in.  

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In CPG Basics, you saw a transformation in your kids and clearing the chaos from your home in six short weeks

In Closing the Parent Gap (CPG) Mastermind, you make those changes stick for a lifetime. 

As a CPG mastermind member, new daily habits will be cultivated so that you can be the parent you want to be during heated moments. 

Changing patterns takes a minute, and in CPG Mastermind, I will be there to guide you, raise you up and hold you accountable every step of the way.

That's nature's way and what it takes to create life-changing results.

My commitment and guarantee: you can cancel at any time if you feel grown and ready to fly.

The CPG Mastermind Membership is the daily accountability requested to solidify the work you’ve done. You simply won’t stop until your family is exactly where you want it to be! 

The year long program is the cultivation of a decade of teaching, 20 years of parenting and personal development research, being in the trenches as a mom of three, and being the founder of this NEW PARENTING CONVERSATION

The question I get the most is: Does the CPG Basics course stand alone? The answer? Absolutely….

The CPG Mastermind Membership, simply put, is the mind-blowing bonus that ensures your lifetime results. 

Here's all the details:

  • We get started with this exclusive membership on January 5th with a live workshop kick off

  • Welcome Care Package is delivered to your doorstep for daily practice, accountability and includes GIFTS, of course

  • Weekly Office Hours every Tuesday from 9:30am - 11:00am for (3 Tuesday's a month; Week 4 there is rest and reflect time). You can spend the morning with Randi! Either in person or by Zoom, Randi invites you to pop a squat, share space while you work on a personal project or return emails, pick her brain and get live coaching...there are no rules and you are welcomed with open arms. Pop by or dial in on your computer. 

  • Weekly Coaching Calls. Randi will teach, answer questions and coach LIVE from 11am - 12pm every Tuesday. This hour will be recorded. (3 Tuesday’s a month)

  • Private Mastermind FB group where questions will be answered. Randi will provide daily resources, behind the scenes videos, coaching call recordings and more! Real talk. Deep Friendships. Surrounded by like-minded amazing badass women like YOURSELF.

  • Monthly Mastermind Live in-person workshops held on the 1st Friday of each month from 11:00 - 12:30pm CST for those that desire real face-to-face engagement. *Recorded on Zoom as well

  • Private access to Randi to get guidance on your specific situation. ONLY for Mastermind members.

  • Live pop up events, guest speakers, workshops and surprises!

$197 initial investment includes one-time membership fee, all materials, and month 1. After that, your membership is just $97/month.

(plus, payment processing fee)

Ready to live the dream? Don’t take it from me. Hear it from my pack leaders. Results are guaranteed. 

This is a HUGE value and a VERY special trailblazer rate. You pay $97/month even when the rate increases. Trailblazer rate for life!