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Professionals Endorsed by Randi Rubenstein

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About Amanda Perches

Occupational Therapist

I received my degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Oklahoma in 2000. I have 17 years of experience as an OT, 16 of those specializing in pediatrics. I have served the children of Fort Bend County for the last 15 years, treating children at home, private schools, day-care, and out-patient clinic settings. The majority of my experience includes treating children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), ADD/ADHD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Tourette’s Syndrome, and Global Developmental Delay. I am educated/certified in Handwriting Without Tears, Integrated Listening Systems, Brain Gym, Interactive Metronome, Social Thinking, and The Graston Technique. 

A large portion of my practice now includes Social-Motor groups which allow me to use the Social Thinking curriculum in conjunction with my OT background to work on both social and motor delays in the same session. The results and progress of this combined approach have been phenomenal, allowing children to demonstrate progress at home and school much more quickly! 

I also serve as a consultant for parents, teachers, or school administrators seeking answers or second opinions on difficult behavioral or academic challenges. In addition, I provide and am available for teacher, staff, or parent trainings on whatever topic suits your needs. 

I can honestly say working with children is my calling and purpose in life, and I feel beyond blessed I am able to serve children on a daily basis. I am constantly humbled and educated by my clients. The greatest reward is seeing my clients meet their goals and sharing in the pride that the children and their families feel when this happens. It is an honor to me to be a part of these children’s lifelong journeys. 

I am the mother of 3 young children, and love spending time with them exploring the great outdoors. Being “MOM” is my favorite role! 

Amanda believes in disconnecting from the screens to reconnect with family, while engaging in FUNctional play to develop age-appropriate motor and visual skills. Active play builds the foundation for self-esteem, social skills, self-regulation, and achievement of independence. 


PHONE: 832.771.8761


About Pooja Arora

EFT Practitioner and Meditation Teacher

Pooja Arora has been a passionate healer for more than 15 years as well as being a certified meditation teacher. Many people reach out to Pooja to clear phobias, resolve chronic pain and to strengthen their personal relationships. She works with people of all ages including children.

As a powerful guide, Pooja is able to tap into her natural intuitive gifts and determine the most effective path to successfully take her clients through a powerful transformative experience.  She incorporates a multitude of healing modalities into her work with each client including EFT, Theta Healing, Reiki, NLP and regression therapy.  

Pooja and her husband, Raj who works in the oil and gas industry, have lived around the world and currently reside in Bellaire, TX with their 7 year old twin boys. To learn more about the healing experiences that Pooja facilitates for her clients, please feel free to email her.



About Cory Greenberg

Certified Child Sleep Consultant

Cory is a Certified Child Sleep Consultant and former Clinical Social Worker who draws on evidence-based, holistic solutions to help babies, toddlers and their parents get the sleep they need. 

She is a mom of three children under 8, and has lived through the same sleepless nights as parents everywhere, giving her a level of understanding families need when they are desperate for sleep. 

Cory carries a NO JUDGMENT attitude when parents tell her about the Working Mom Guilt or the last resort co-sleeping arrangement with their toddlers.  To move towards healthy and appropriate sleep,  she does not narrowly subscribe to a particular method like "Cry it out" or "No cry."  Instead, Cory honors a family's parenting style and philosophy to design a solution for all kinds of issues.